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Goodbyes and Gratitude

Hi everyone, This is actually Phil writing, Doug’s son. We have sad news to report: my father passed away last night. I am going to include below my mother’s message below, but I want echo the gratitude she expresses. My father was a remarkable man, and as she says, we are still making plans for how best to honor his life, but the the love and support we’ve all felt is already an amazing tribute to him. Phil


Doug died peacefully in his sleep last night (about 12:30 pm).  A wonderful caregiver from Hospice was with me and the hospice nurse came right away.   The kids are flying in tomorrow, and Casey, Gus and I are doing OK here. We’ll get more details to you as we work things out, but most all, thank you everyone for the grace and love we have felt from all over during the past months. Betsy


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  • Anne And Allie Felder

    Dear Betsy and Family Gentry,

    We both are so sorry too. We send you all gentle, strengthening hugs during this difficult time, in hopes they help in some small way. You are all in our prayers. Fondly, Anne and Allie

  • Ron Hulteen

    Dear Betsy & Family,

    Despite the inevitability of this, the reality is a real blow. Now, we clearly begin to feel the large void left behind by this great guy. We regret that we were not able to manage to visit after you came back home because both of us suffered from serial colds, and we didn’t want to bring them into your home. At least we will always recall Doug as his robust best. Besides your immediate family, know that you have the support of this great community at this hour. Please let us know what we can do to help in any way.

    Ron (& Noreen)

  • Bonnie Oliver

    Dear Betsy,

    You have only to let me know if I can help you in any way.


  • Dorrie Bates

    Dear Bets and family,

    Smiling and crying at the same time; so very appreciative of the man we knew too briefly and the woman, his rock and his comfort, by his side.

    Love to you all. Dorrie and Richard

  • Priscilla and Alan Oppenheimer

    We are so sad to here this. He was a great teacher. I always liked talking to him because he was so smart. Our deepest condolences.

  • Dear Betsey,
    We are so very sorry about this loss. Doug left you with a wonderful family in which he lives.
    Love, Isabel

  • Mary Axworthy


    Thank you for allowing us to be with you both through this. My thoughts are with you. I am very glad that I reconnected with Doug and you. I just wish it had been sooner.

    My thoughts are also with your amazing children and supportive family. Thank you all for sharing.

    Mary Axworthy

  • Melinda Brown

    I am so sorry for the loss of a man who clearly was, without a doubt, a wonderful husband, father and friend. I knew Kagey in high school and my heart goes out to all Doug’s family. Sincerely, Melinda Brown

  • Peggy Munich

    Betsy, Phil, Katy…. Our deepest sympathy to you in the Doug’s passing! I have been following Doug’s blog since I found out about Doug’s cancer through our son, Chris. It was an amazing ride for all of you! Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Fred and Peggy Munich

  • Louise Goeckel

    My deep thanks for Doug’s generosity. I appreciated Doug’s collegial and giving spirit so much when we were both on a Board of Directors for Morthern California Healthcare Consultants. At that time, in the early 2000s, I was just starting out with my own business and he coached me so I could set up a personal AOL email account. I was very skeptical that I would even need this thing called email for myself. With great patience he warmly and knowingly assured me that I did. That still gives me a chuckle.

  • Jan Jones

    It has been such an honor to know Doug from SEED. May your memories of this gifted and loving man turn to nothing but joy and peace. Jan Jones

  • Ellen M. Rigsby

    Dear Mrs. Gentry,

    I met you and your beautiful Bermese Mountain dog briefly one morning years ago when I picked up Doug in Puedmont to carpool to a conference in San Jose. You have my deepest sympathy over Doug’s illness and his passing. His last year or two at Saint Mary’s coincided with my first few years, and Doug was a kind and generous colleague. He talked often of the musical children of which he was so proud. He left this earth a better place than he found it. I remember how excited he was to retire to Ashland, and I am grateful he could enjoy some years of retirement. He would check in on the faculty email list every now and again, and I always think of you all fondly. I wish I could give you back all the warmth he gave us in his years at Saint Mary’s. Sincerely, Ellen M. Rigsby

  • Bunty Ketcham

    Dear Betsy…I am so sorry to hear of Doug’s death, knowing what a huge loss this is for you and your kids. I also marvel at the way you both prepared for this parting, going from Fenacres to your son’s house, and from there home and with Hospice’s comfort and support. I have happy and vivid memories of Doug…he was surely “master of his heart and captain of his soul.”

    You are in my thoughts and prayers at this sad time.

    With much love,


  • marilyn mohowitsch mclennan

    doug was a classmate of mine,, an I have been reading his journals,, my heart is sadden,, of his passing,, will always remember him his laughter,, in junior high, an thur high school,,, best to all his family,,,

  • Dean Elias

    Doug was a generous and loving presence, a generative colleague, a beloved teacher, a good man. . . I regret his early departure; I am grateful that so many of us got to experience him. . . I send loving thoughts to his family. . . Dean

  • Dianne Tkach

    Doug was a fine man — that was so obvious to me as I ate with him at our Rotary Meetings and worked with him at the cotton candy events this past summer in Saranac Lake, NY. He was filled with joy and hope. I am sure these memories will be of great help to you during the difficult times ahead.

  • Bunny Woodward Mitchell

    Dear Betsy and family, I first met Doug in our church high school youth group. What a nice guy! Always willing to help plan & lead. I am so sorry to hear about his passing. I first heard that he was ill a few weeks ago, and have been reading a lot of the material that he posted on this site. He didn’t change much from those younger years — still very intelligent, giving, and driven. You all have many reasons to be proud of your husband/father! May your many memories of love & laughter shared with him, warm your hearts forever.

  • Chuck Root

    What an early early loss, he was such a wonderful man. RIP Doug….

  • Betsy et al …

    All our love to you on this most sad news. A lovely man, a courageous, giving soul, and a friend to be remembered and treasured.

    Our thoughts are with all of you.

    Sandra and Phelps

  • Herb Scogg

    Dear Betsy and Family,
    You have my deepest on your loss. Doug was one of a kind as yo well know. I had the pleasure of working with him as his swim coach, junior high and Midland high school.
    With the Gentry family you don’t work with just one member, you get the whole family. I had the pleasure of working with his sister, Kathy as my swim team manager at H.H.Dow H.S. and the pleasure of officiating the swim meet where mary and Stuart took part. Mom and Dad were also actively involved in helping organize our Dolphin Swim program. Doug was the first. He was an outstanding swimmer and leader . I feel blessed that I had the opportunity to reconnect with Doug. He is gone but he will live in my memory and the memory of all his team members as well as his students and all who knew him. May God be with yhou and your family. Sincerely, Herb Scogg

  • Chuck Root

    He was a great man and will be missed.

  • Frank Lang

    We are so sorry to hear your news, but grateful to have known Doug as a friend and neighbor.

    Frank, Suzanne, and Rupert

  • Penny Washbourn

    Betsy and family, though we had not been in touch in recent years, I always remember that lovely lunch that Doug fixed for us on our visit to Ashland at your house and we reminisced about Saint Mary’s and his time there. What an exceptional colleague and friend Doug was! He did so much to move us in the direction of on-line learning, and he was, above all a wonderful teacher. How his legacy will live on in all those adult students! We have been so privileged to have had him part of the School of Extended Education at Saint Marys College for so many years.
    My sincere sympathies for your loss.
    Penny Washbourn

  • Biddie

    As much as I was prepared, reading you news was a bit like being steping on log “corduroy” in water. How sad, may the blessing of his life strength you going forward. Hugs and Kisses going out, All my best to you, love Biddie

  • Dear Gentry Family,

    I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. I remember Doug well as a kind and welcoming presence during my first years at SEED. He was such a wonderful colleague; I can only imagine what a wonderful husband and father he was.

    My deepest condolences to you, along with my very best thoughts and hopes.

    Mark Baird
    Director, LEAP Program

  • Rachel Sipp

    Doug Gentry was one of my favorite teachers at SOU. He made me feel welcome and encouraged me to become interested in the subjects he taught. He was a kind man with a gentle soul. I loved his smile and his sense of humor.

  • Sue ARmstrong

    I just read of the loss of Doug and wanted to tell you that I am so thinking of you and your family as I have been since this summer. I am glad for all that it was a peaceful ending. God bless and keep that wonderful smile in your heart. Hugs, Sue Armstrong

  • Michael Barram

    When I was a new faculty member at Saint Mary’s College, where Doug used to teach, I served on a technology-in-teaching committee with him. Doug was a class act, always, and it was a distinct pleasure to work with him and get to know him. He was generous, genteel, funny, and very, very thoughtful and insightful. He was formative for me as I was getting going as a faculty member, and I will always be glad to have known Doug. I am deeply sorry to each of you who knew and loved him. Please know how grateful I am that you shared your husband and father with others of us who were blessed by his presence.

  • John & Meiwen Richards

    We miss him, too.

  • Karen & James Knox

    We’ve worked closely with Doug for years and are so very very sorry to hear this sad news. Although we never met in person, Doug’s gentle voice and demeanor were a pleasure to deal with and we all enjoyed working with him over the years. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers.
    Karen & James Knox, Kate Ampel and the staff at Transit Media

  • Doug was a highly regarded member of the Lasso Developer community and a Certified Lasso Developer. He was a regular contributor on the forums and impacted the lives of many developers with his wisdom and willingness to share. Our heartfelt condolences to the family and friends.
    From Canada, and around the world, on behalf of Certified Lasso Developers, LassoTalk and LassoSoft.com.

  • Martin Cohen

    Thanks for this. I am saddened by the news of Doug’s death.
    We worked together in the 1990s when Extended Ed was creating
    the hybrid program. I liked working with him: he had a good sense
    of humor and could keep perspective when we were faced with
    difficult problems. His blog posts show that and remind me much
    of what he was like. I had not seen the blog before and this was a
    good reminder.

    Thank you for letting us know the sad news.


  • Margo Nagle

    The Rotary Club of Saranac Lake sends heartfelt condolences. Doug was joy to be with and he helped us in so many ways. Please knowourthoughts are with you his family.

  • Dale and Bill Gates

    Dear Betsy and Family,
    We feel so very privileged in having known Doug. He was warm and inspiring.
    If we can help in ANY way, Betsy, please call or email. We would be happy to help with any mundane task.
    Doug was a wonderful man who will be greatly missed.
    Dale and Bill

  • Doug Diehl

    Dear Betsy and family:

    Just returned from NYC and saw the news. I am deeply saddened for myself, you and your family and the larger community with which Doug was associated. Doug was a “presence” with an amazing intellect, wit, and spirit. In my experience with Doug on the hospital board, he was ever the teacher, always the voice of reason, and innately a leader. I hope one day to “evolve” into the kind of person that Doug had become.

    Respectfully, Doug Diehl, M.D.

  • Ethan Barrus

    He really was a remarkable man. I want to say once more how much I appreciate the impact he had on me over the years. He was everything a student could ask for in a teacher, and more. He leaves a legacy of all the lives he touched, and he will be missed by many. I really wish I could be at the memorial service today to honor him. My sincere condolences, positive thoughts, and wishes for peace go out to your family.

  • Coni Donnelly

    I was so sorry to hear about Doug’s death. I worked with him in SEED and always enjoyed his humor, smiles and how wonderful he was to work with. May all the good wishes help you in the days to come. Coni Donnelly

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