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Never fear – I”ll keep it short.  So, our flight to Oregon was a private charter. We learned that a dog was on the previous day’s flight, too – a bouncy boxer, whose owner is Stockard Channing. Ms. Channing being on the flight the previous day was worth a social media note from our daughter Katy.

You can drive up to your chartered plane and they stocked it with our luggage, the rest of us, and me. Stocking it with me is not a bad phrase. I remain very limited in mobility – side to side and front to back. These muscles are competing with the cancer cells for protein and they, little by little, lose the battle or don’t improve. I can progress with the walker, once in an upright position, but getting there is a combination of musculo-strategies.

So it was something of a circus pushing and pulling and jamming me up the small stairs, through the cabin, to my seat. But once enthroned I was comfortable and set. Nice cabin, but no James Bond set – still a short flying tube with not quite enough head room. Snacks and water provided, no attendant, but also a very professional, soliticious crew who checked on us, came back and gave us updates, and the like.

Skip 6 hours of flying at 43,000 (!!) feet. It was cloudy the whole way and that was so high that the mountains faded into mist. Smooth ride almost all the way there.

The process in Medford was just the same, only in reverse. Our friends and neighbors Holly and Larry were there to meet us. Casey in particular is a fan of theirs since he stays at their house when needed and Holly spoils him. Great surprise for him to see her on the tarmac. We arrived to a clean house, courtesy of the house sitter, a pot roast in the oven courtesy of  Holly, a set dining room table, and good vibes of home.

We’re also climbing out the the fog of the trip and the change in venue but that’s a happy chore.


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  • Ali Ross

    So glad you all made it home safe and sound. In normal conditions it takes awhile to adjust east to west but with all the meds it will probably take a little longer. Enjoy, relax, you’re just in time for some fall weather and cozy fires.

  • Cindy Barnard

    Craig sounds like a wonderful son in law…you are both lucky to know each other and find the common ground of love for your daughter and wanting what is best for everyone involved. Thank you for sharing this tender exchange in this bittersweet time…I think of you daily. Looking for the chat spot in your website. Will find it, soon. you are loved, Cindy B.

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