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Excited and a little scared

We fly back to Oregon tomorrow – Monday, October 28. As I’ve noted earlier the decision to return home was at once easy – it is home after all – and difficult. It’s time for Mary and Philip to have their complete, fulfilling lives – without the extra leavening we might provide.

The accountrement (can’t use that word very often) of the trip could hardly be better. Jet travel, upgraded aircraft, close in car access, and Katy will be joining us for the trip and a few days after.

Still, I’m a bit scared about the trip. I’m a good flyer – no problem there – never really feared flying. It is the unknown of how my body will react to travel. Best guess is that the trip itself will be uneventful but then it will be a long recovery. We’ll just have to see, and certainly I’m in no mood to delay or cancel. Let’s get there and find out.

Just a quick note on your many offers of support in Ashland. I’ll send out some more information soon that should help match your offers with our requests. We’re all set for the arrival – transportation, groceries, first dinner and the like. ¬†And then the real treat will be connecting with as many of you as we can in the days and weeks to come. We’ll have to meter those visits – I’m a huge fan of naps – but they will be nice reunions. Doubly nice.


7 comments to Excited and a little scared

  • Mary Axworthy b

    Safe travels. Enjoy the peace of being home.

  • Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah! May you have a smooth re-entry!! We’ve been thinking about you both, and sending our best wishes. You certainly have the best of support multi-systems.

    It was so special for you to have the time with Will, and Mary and Philip have been such a help (and had the joy of being able to help a parent!) to you and Bets.

    All best wishes from Savannah!

    Phelps & Sandra

  • Dee Perez

    I hope the trip and recovery from the trip go wonderfully. So glad that you’ll be back on this side of the continent. Please let us know what you need, what we can do, and when it’s OK to come say Hi!. Much love and good thoughts . . .

  • Cathy Freeman

    Dear Doug,

    I’m an Ashlander who was just at NIH to have my rare sarcoma cancer diagnosised. I hope you have a quick recovery. My son was a student in Economics (first two years at SOU and last two at OSU) (Brendan Freeman). I hope your journey with cancer is at a stable place. I’m still searching for answers for my tumors (Pediatric like Gist or Gastric Stromal Sarcoma). Best wishes from Ashland for a quick recovery.

    Cathy Freeman

  • Glenna Cook MacDonald

    Doug so glad you’re home. After all there is no place like home.

  • Doug Gentry

    And, Glenna, I know how sweet and hard it is to be the caregiver, waiting for your loved one to return and settle in.

  • Doug Gentry

    Cathy – of course I don’t have medical answers but if you’d like to stay in touch or compare notes and tears please send me a quick note to doug@dynapolis.com.

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